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What’s in Your Trunk?

Snow, ice, freezing rain—all of these can prove to be dangerous when you must be on the road. Before venturing out in your vehicle this winter, be sure to take a few moments to assemble a car safety kit. You never know when you may be stuck or need supplies as the weather turns more and more unpredictable. Here are some basic items that you should have with you at all times:

Blanket or sleeping bag
Bottled water
Sealed packages of food or energy bars
A basic first aid kit
Sturdy shoes
Cell phone
Jumper cables
Carpet strips, kitty litter, or sand (for traction)
Ice scraper
Basic tools
Windshield wiper fluid

Many of these items can be used for several purposes. For example, socks can come in handy if you are wearing dress shoes and need extra warmth on your feet. They can also be used to cover your hands or to place under your knees if you have to make repairs on your car. Keep all of your supplies in a plastic container with a lid in your trunk and you will always be prepared for any emergency.

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