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Facing Bumps and Obstacles on the Road to Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose a few pounds? As you begin your weight loss program, be sure to avoid these top weight loss mistakes.

Not Enough Patience

Experts recommend dropping only one to two pounds per week. This means that if you are hoping to slim down by, say 30 pounds, you’ll have four to six months before you hit that goal. Patience is a virtue—and it also helps you lose weight in a healthy manner. Expecting immediate weight loss is unrealistic, unhealthy and can be discouraging to the point of making you quit your weight loss program.

Not Enough Time

If you are serious about losing weight, start by scheduling into your day time for exercise and meal planning. Treat these times as appointments that you can’t miss. Also, look at your exercise time as a reward, not a punishment, by choosing a type of exercise and a place to exercise that you really enjoy. You’ll find that you will look forward to this time of your day.

Not Enough Food

Eating a well, balanced, healthy and low-fat diet is the best approach to weight loss. Starving yourself is not. If you don’t eat enough each day, your plan will actually backfire. By doing this, your metabolism will slow down too much, making it harder for you to drop those pounds.

Not Enough Optimism

Make sure that your attitude is in the right place before starting a weight loss program. You should be doing this for you, not for your spouse, your mother, or to spite your ex-boyfriend. Your goals should be realistic, and you need a firm resolve to change the daily habits you have that do not help with your weight loss. Finally, ignore the scale for a while. While you burn fat by eating right, and gain muscle by exercising, you may have a slow down in weight loss or even a slight gain. But if your body is changing in ways that are positive, forget the weight and concentrate on the results.

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